Original Pentapus Design

Popular sticker designs

Fishbone on stage. Norwood Fisher (right) wearing our T-shirt

GFM fan who really liked the design


Guerrilla Funk Monster


Graphic Designer


Solo Project
Thanks to James Musulak, Colin Musulak & Daniel Martinez


I will admit that this logo came partly from chance. I was practicing some quick sketching in Illustrator, and I was inspired by one of the forms, which was developed into the Pentapus. Guerrilla Funk Monster adopted it as a design we used for several different purposes, the most popular being clothing and stickers.

People really seemed to take to this design. Finding a photo online of Norwood Fisher from the band Fishbone (among my favourites) wearing our shirt on stage was quite satisfying. We also found another photo where somebody who saw us on tour actually tattooed the Pentapus across his shoulder.